An Afternoon of Great Storytelling and Masterful Puppetry at ICR

7th June 2015

7th June 2015
2.00 pm
The Romanian Cultural Institute, 1 Belgrave Square, London SW1X8PH
Entrance is free, but it is required to book your free ticket on Eventbrite
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The International Children’s Day is celebrated in 1 Belgrave Square with a  puppet show full of colour, humour and wit, inspired by the immortal  tale of ignorance and gullibility,  „Prostia omenească” (“The Human Stupidity”), written by Ion Creangă, Romania’s greatest storyteller. A production of the Puppets Art Time Pocket Theatre in Iași, ingeniously bringing to life the supremely humorous world of Creangă’s laughable characters, the performance will prove irresistible for young and old alike.

'Prostia omenească' by Ion Creangă
Stage adaptation: Tudor Rotaru
Directed by: Tudor Rotaru
With: Ecaterina Rotaru, Tudor Rotaru and Laurentiu Vasilache
Set Design: Laur Vasilache
In Romanian only

The project is organised by the Romanian Embassy in London in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Text and image courtesy of ICR website

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