All Change! The Romanian Film Festival in London. 1-4 May 2009, 6th Edition. Curzon Mayfair Cinema.


Director George Dorobantu
Romania 2008 / 85 mins

Cristi Petrescu, Iulia Verdes

Sunday 3 May 2009
4 pm

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Winner of the 2008 Fresh Generation Prize at Karlovy Vary Film Festival and Best Debut in Romanian Film at the Transylvania International Film Festival, Elevator stands out mainly due to its unusual setting, given away in the film’s title, but also due to the two young actors who communicate the claustrophobia with their superb performances.

Imagine being young, and fancying your schoolmate a little: where would you go if you wanted to be alone for a while? Inside a lift in an abandoned factory, on the outskirts of your hometown, perhaps?

Elevator may sound like a horror movie, but surprises with its depth and drama, which goes along with the tense script, where the boy and girl in question have to address the unknown wonders of love and life, shaken up by a well founded fear of death lurking right underneath them.