Maria Nitulescu participates with "Cultural Reflective Distance" at Fringe Arts Bath

22nd May 15 - 7th Jun 15

22nd May 15 - 7th Jun 15
Foto39, 36 Westgate Street, Bath
Foto39  opens its doors at Fringe Arts Bath  from the 22nd of May until 7th of June 2015.
Foto39 presents a range of work by 9 photographers from all over the world was selected. Each artist explores 'Distances' in unique and intriguing ways, be it spacial, personal or cultural.
Maria Nitulescu – “Cultural Reflective Distance”
Focusing on the relationship between selfhood, memory and reflective distance, I argue that Sartre offers useful resources for thinking about the self in terms of narratives.
To achieve reflective distance, you should be capable of disengagement from cultural norms and givens. A reflective return to the cultural origins that you can no longer inhabit in any unthinking manner.
Reflection and memory weave past, present and future into a consistent and meaningful life story. This story is about the self. I propose to understand the self as a fictional or imaginary entity.
Sartre attributes the emergence of selfhood to memory and reflection. Memory, acting in an imaginative and creative manner, brings the self into fruition and thus creates experience and endows it with meaning.
In this case a photograph should not be considered a ‘mirror of the real’ but ‘material‘ for interpretation: to be solved; read and decoded, like a riddle, like clues left behind at the scene of a crime.
Neenad Arul - 'Random Red Numbers'
Karl Child - 'Portrait of a Mega City'
Karen Dawe - 'Shadow Selves' 
Jessie Edwards-Thomas - 'Strangers I know'
Slaven Gabric - 'Save place Tate Chu Yoko'
Maria Nitulescu - 'Cultural Reflective Distance'
Sergey Trapezin - 'Bus-Stop Communication'
Oliver Tooke - 'Syria'
Marja Saleva - 'Letters to an Unknown Lover'

Image: Maria Nitulescu, ”Dialogue with myself - religion as part of culture” 10 x 30 cm; “I construct my memories with my present. I am lost, abandoned in the present. I try in vain to rejoin the past: I cannot escape.”   Jean-Paul Sartre

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