'The Collector' directed by Theo Herghelegiu at Notting Hill Mayfest

17th May 2013

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8:00 pm at St Peter's Church, Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2PL
Tickets: £10

Image courtesy of Nottinghill Mayfest website.

John Fowles 1963 novel of a man whose obsession with a woman drives him to ‘collect’ her too and add her to his butterfly collection is a story of obsession, power, and tragedy. Adapted into a play by Mark Healy in 1998, The Collector is performed by emerging artists for the first time in the UK following a successful production in Romania this year. Directed by Theo Heghelegiu, the audience is assured an evening of intense suspense accompanied by the eerie sound design of pipe organ, drawing them in to the disturbed psyche of the protagonist Frederick Clegg and his victim Miranda Grey.
A Q&A session with the director and cast will follow the performance on the 17th of May.

The performance is part of Notting Hill Mayfest - a place that brings together artists at all stages of their careers. Creating opportunities for emerging talent to develop themselves, and established talent to be inspired, the festival is a place that energizes the arts with new ideas.

Theo Herghelegiu director
Archie Whyld Frederick Clegg
Adriana Parvu Miranda Grey
Dan Titza set design
Sandra Galan costume designer
Andreea Dutza choreography

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