Romanian School in Scotland

30th May 2013

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The Romanian Community in Scotland and RoScotland offer a new teaching programme for all Romanian children from Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The Romanian School endeavours elementary classes in history, geography and Romanian culture.  The aim of the programme is to encourage Romanian children to keep in contact with their cultural heritage and further their knowledge about their country of origin.

All teachers are native speakers and  the team is composed  of :  Prof. Anamaria Munteanu (Glasgow, Romanian Language Teacher), Conf. Dr. Simona Hapca (University of Abertay, Dundee), prof. Gabriela Pitiș (Aberdeen, Romanian Language Teacher), father Marcel Oprișan (the chair man of  „The Romanian Orthodox Church in Scotland Foundation”), father Gabriel Hlade (Parohia Aberdeen) and father Ioan-Florin Florescu. The programme uses the most effective teaching methods to in-depth children’s language skills.

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