fermă. Changing perspectives on Romanian Farmers

30th October 2017

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Changing perspectives on Romanian Farmers
17 November – 1 December 2017

In 2007 Francesca Moore undertook an expedition to the Turnava area of Transylvania and photographed the local farmers as they lived then; she's also recorded their stories and views on their life and livelihoods through interviews.

A decade later she returned to investigate how life and livelihood had changed for them in these years especially with Romania 's adherence and membership of the European Union. The conclusions are both surprising and shocking. Has EU membership in fact been a boon or a burden? 

A fascinating exhibition, report, analysis and a debate where Francesca will answer questions from Nat Page, Director of the ADEPT Foundation and John Ackroyd, Trustee of ADEPT, fondly referred to as HRH Prince Charles favourite botanist.


Francesca Moore is a documentary photographer whose personal work stems from interests in people and the environment. With a formalised and methodological approach, she draws on her scientific background to portray humanitarian, social and environmental issues. Past projects investigate the effect of EU legislation on traditional Romanian subsistence farmers at the point of Romania joining the EU, and a meditative exploration of the Camino, a pilgrimage walk to the town of Santiago, in the Northwest of Spain.

Nat Page,  a graduate in Zoology, 15 years in H.M. Diplomatic Service (1st Secretary, British Embassy Bucharest, 1991-95), he now divides his time between managing his organic beef farm in southwest England and promoting conservation of the high nature value farmed landscapes of Romania. He has been working in Romanian rural development since 1998. 

John Akeroyd, a key advisor on grasslands and their conservation management, and also leads botanical tours of the project area. He has carried out field research, student teaching and lecturing in many European countries, and has extensive knowledge of the flora of Greece, Balkans and Romania, Poland, Ireland and Britain. He was Member of Flora Europaea Editorial Committee (1988–1998) and is author of numerous scientific and popular publications.

Exhibition Launch Event
Friday 17 November, 18:30 – 20:30