Mercurial Landscapes Photographic Exhibition + Duo Kitharsis Live Music

18th April 2018

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Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields is a Romanian born artist who lives and works in the United Kingdom. She has a BA in Philosophy from Bucharest University (1998), BA in Fine Art & Philosophy from the University of Reading (2002) and most recently she obtained a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Reading. She has exhibited her work in a number of galleries including The Art Museum of Constanta, The Art Museum of Brasov, Gallery4allarts at the Independent Liverpool Biennial 2008, Romanian Embassy, The Stroud House Gallery and WAM Festival 2012. Roxana is a member of OHOS, artist run studios. She works in a variety of media but her  principal interest is in photography.

‘Mercurial Landscapes are a series of analogue photographs that catch small moments of cosmic alchemy in the amalgamating processes of the micro worlds in our daily lives. They can be as strange as the land conjured in Tarkovsky’s Solaris. In all Tohaneanu-Shields work it is the fall of light both found and shaped through the
lens that brings forth near unfathomable possibilities of perception. In a time of expected image manipulation her work offers us a reminder of the real beauty of the closely observed.’

Dr Jo Thomas                     

Duo Kitharsis is a Romanian guitar duo made up of Alexandra Petrișor and Dragoș Horghidan, who have been performing on stage since 2009. After successfully graduating as solo artists from the Faculty of Music Performance of the National University of Music Bucharest, under the guidance of their guitar professor Cătălin Stefănescu-Patrascu, they pursued a Master Degree as a guitar duo at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart with Duo Kaltchev, Ivo and Sofia Kaltchev.

Since 2013 they have been studying at Conservatoire de Strasbourg under the guidance of one of the most well- known guitar duos in the world, Duo Melis, Alexis Muzurakis and Susana Prieto. In 2016 they successfully graduated with a Master degree from HEAR Strasbourg (Music Academy of Strasbourg) and the University of Strasbourg with distinction.


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