Almost News | Exhibition

18th May 2018

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While in Germany for the opening of an exhibition, I was invited to speak about my country in front of a person who knew nothing about it. I found myself in a great dilemma: either PR for Romania, while looking a bit naive and idealistic or be very critic, and risk seeming a hater. Whilst I chose to be a little of each, I find myself in this dilemma every time I have to speak about Romania.

The topic of my proposed exhibit is exactly this described above, which I link to a duplicity we, as a nation, find ourselves into: a nostalgia for the communism of the ‘80s while expecting a type of American capitalism. What would we omit and what would we share if asked to speak of home?

I chose three possible answers:

1. A series of postcards to replace news from home in which I narrate particular occurrences and make notes about the role played by the situation back home.

2. A broken survey​ which would take into account the problems of a possible referendum. The questions in the survey are manipulated to inquire about our capacity to inform prior to voting. The examples taken into consideration were the UK Brexit Referendum and the Romanian initiative to define family. The survey is envisioned as a series of prints to be exhibited not filled in by the public.

3.​ A punishment in progress​ aimed to teach us a lesson. Every time I hear of yet another absurdity voted in Parliament or another abuse of thecurrent governing party I write as punishment: “Ceaușescu also believed he would escape”. Papers are numbered and signed. The punishment has no set final number.

George Roşu​ , ​born in 1982 in Braşov, lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. Uses the word as main tool and its surroundings as support. Considers humour to be part of art history and uses it in his works. Although he is usually labeled as illustrator he does not believe separations should be so clear and is more and more present in contemporary art exhibits and events. Is co-founder of RAFT art space.