Richard Filmer's lecture on Rural Romania

My Romania
invites you to Richard Filmer's presentation on Rural Romania Revealed - A Rare Survival of a Medieval Way of Life, followed by a food & wine reception.

Admission by invitation only.
For more details please contact Ramona Cazacu at

In recent years, Romania has been undergoing many transformations. The country, with almost half of its population living in rural areas, still retains its rustic identity and idyllic landscapes.
Despite lacking services in some remote areas, villagers are resilient and self-sufficient. The hard-working locals draw water from wells and rely on water-powered mills. Shepherds diligently look over their animals, day in and day out. In some places, people mainly rely on horse and ox-drawn carts which often outnumber motor vehicles. 

Beautiful forests of oak, hornbeam and acacia overlook villages where ancient farming methods, including strip farming, continue to be alive. In a place that feels untouched by history, people and nature seem to be living in perfect balance.

Urbanisation and industrial farming are taking a toll on rural Romania, making it our task to protect and preserve the ancient traditions, the 'living history' of our people.
Photo credits: My Romania website (Bucegi Mountains) and Sebastian Florea (cover photo).