"Chuck Norris vs Communism" in the official competition at Edinburgh International Film Festival 

24th Jun 15 - 25th Jun 15

24th Jun 15 - 25th Jun 15
9.00 pm
Odeon 118 Lothian Rd Edinburgh EH3 8BG
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"Chuck Norris vs Communism" will have its European Premiere in competition at the 69th edition of Edinburgh International Film Festival.
In 1980s Communist Romania, subversion of the government’s ideological censorship was quietly underway via the black-market import of thousands of Hollywood films. An underground VHS smuggling operation was secretly giving ordinary people a glimpse into life beyond the Iron Curtain; a world of fearless action stars Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Responsible for this videotheque resistance was a wealthy opportunistic hustler and an intrepid female translator, determined to bring the power of cinema to the people.

Chuck Norris vs Communism (2015)
UK, Germany, Romania 
Director: Ilinca Calugareanu 
Running Time: 82 mins

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