"Eastern Europeans for Dummies" & "Dr. Peabody are... Upwardly Mobile!" Double Bill at Rich Mix

19th June 2015

19th June 2015
7.30 pm
35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
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"Eastern Europeans for Dummies" by There There & "Dr. Peabody are... Upwardly Mobile!" by Dr. Peabody will perform as part of Part of Small Story / Big City 2015 at Rich MixFor this exciting series running through 2015, Rich Mix supports emerging artists and companies to tell their stories of city life.

Eastern Europeans for Dummies: Is it About Sex Trafficking?
There There

Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door. Nigel Farage, MEP

Living next door to Eastern Europeans: it’s a fear all Londoners live with. The least you can do is be prepared, and that’s where Eastern Europeans for Dummies: Is it About Sex Trafficking? comes in.

Welcome to a live, exclusive, exhibition of Eastern Europeans, Eastern Europeanness and Eastern European life practices. Come in, sit down, listen up and start grooming your assumptions as the David Attenborough influenced narrator takes you through the story of a bizarre Serbian-Romanian duo. It’s an anthropological journey like no other, heading straight towards a complete understanding of Eastern Europeans. Essential survival techniques to be employed around the species included. Revelations guaranteed.

Revolving around the ideas of public display and public identity, Eastern Europeans for Dummies blends first hand facts about Eastern Europeans as a cohort with satirical nonsense of the immigration experience in the UK. It’s a mash up of Eastern and Western European preconceptions alike; if you focus you can spot the failed multiculturalism in the distance.

There There are a 50% Romanian 50% Serbian performance company, conjured up in London by Dana Olarescu and Bojana Jankovic.
Their work grows out of intimate political and social frustrations and explores how social changes and paradigms influence everyday lives and identities. The company’s practice revolves around the topics that emerge at the intersection of personal experiences and big-picture politics, including immigration, exclusion, national identities, institutionalism and heritage.
The company has created pieces for the Museum of London and Rowan Arts, developed work at The Basement (Brighton) and performed around the UK. Their last project, Text HOME to 78070 ventured to All Change Festival, SPILL National Platform, and Experimentica.
Twitter: @ThereThereAgain

Dr. Peabody are... Upwardly Mobile!
Dr Peabody

‘You have to think anyway, so why not think big?’

-Donald Trump

Since the dawn of time humankind has had to work.

For the three members of London based art-punk band Dr Peabody, post-graduate life unfolds in a series of hospitality, retail and NHS admin jobs. With their idealism on the wane and their rents spiralling out of control they decide to pack up the drum machine, sell the keytar on Ebay and begin ‘real’ careers in the big city.

Fast-forward several months: we find the undercut hairstyles have grown out and the Doc Martens are under the stairs. Our budding protagonists, sporting freshly ironed T.M. Lewin shirts and Double Windsors, are walking the most aspirational of career paths: MIDDLE MANAGEMENT.

Upwardly Mobile! is a musical comedy featuring original songs composed by Dr Peabody. Through absurd sketch routines the band caricatures the myth of the individual who starts with nothing and successfully works their way up the career ladder. The musical makes a satirical comment on finding one’s bearings as a university graduate, making a living in London and social mobility in the current economic and political climate.

Dr Peabody are an art-punk band based in London. Their last live project, Grandfather Google’s Education Zone, an educational sci-fi cabaret, was performed at Romsey Arts Festival in Cambridge. They have arranged DIY music festivals in their living room, and co-hosted Domestic Festival 2014 last October at Open School East, with the art collective Wish You’d Been Here. They recently released their debut EP ‘I Was A Teenage Freemason’ on independent label Cults of Brasilia.
Twitter: @drpeabodymuzak
Facebook: /drpeabodymuzak
Text source: Rich Mix website
Image by Patricia Venancio Oliveira

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