13th October 2016

13th October 2016
7 pm
1 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PH

“A manifesto is a communication addressed to the whole world, where there is no other claim than finding the means to cure the political, astronomical, artistic, parliamentary, agricultural and literary syphilis. It might be kind and decent, it is always right, it is strong, vigorous and logical. And by the way of logic, i find myself very nice.” 
Tristan Tzara

100 years since invented by Romanian Tristan Tzara, DADA still appears as a necessary, irresistible, and hugely enjoyable creative philosophy. We are celebrating this famously idiosincratic artistic formula, infused by massive doses of nihilistic humour, with a theatrical revival of some of DADA’s best short plays. Directed by London-based Romanian director and visual artist Cristian Luchian and performed in English by an volcanic Romanian ensemble, the show brings to life Tzara’s Handkerchief of Clouds and Gas Heart in a tornado of acting virtuosity, astonishing visuals and evocative music by DJ Tyrell.
Director: Cristian Luchian
Music: DJ Tyrrell
Performers: Cristinel Hogas, Cristina Haraba,
Gabriel Constantin, Maria Alexe, Alin Balascan,
Andrei Gurlui 
Assistant Producer: Anca Doczi Luchian
This Theatre Production is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

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