Alexandra Pirici and Manuel PelmuÅŸ - Public Collection at Tate Modern

17th Jun 16 - 3rd Jul 16

17th Jun 16 - 3rd Jul 16
The performance takes place intermittently
Tate Modern Bankside London SE1 9TG

A live exploration of artworks that questions the museum as a permanent collection
Public Collection Tate Modern 2016 is a new site-specific work by the Romanian artists Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus.
The work is enacted by a group of five performers who use their bodies to transform artworks originally made in other media. These include well-known and not so well-known works from the Tate collection such as Mark Rothko’s Seagram murals 1958-9, Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII 1966 and Tania Bruguera’s Tatlin’s Whisper #5 2008 (itself a performance), alongside works from other public collections including MoMA’s Harun Farocki, Workers Leaving the Factory, 1995
Though the work is playful, at the same time it critically proposes an alternative system of value in which the live act prompts us to consider how we might embody a  shared heritage.

Performed by:
Laura Andrei
Beniamin Boar
Serghei Chiviriga
Larisa Crunţeanu
Farid Fairuz
Paula Gherghe
Rolando Matsangos
Maria Mora
Cristian Nanculescu
Cristina Toma

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