Another Run for 'Tzara.Dada.Theatre'

16th November 2016

16th November 2016
7 pm - 9 pm
1 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PH

By popular demand, Cristian Luchian’s show based on the theatre of Romanian avant-garde visionary Tristan Tzara will run a second time in London. As part of the worldwide celebration of the Dada movement, the event features the plays 'Handkerchief of Clouds' and 'Gas Heart' in a tornado of acting virtuosity, astonishing visuals and evocative music.

The evening will open with a keynote introduction by Mr Radu Boroianu, the President of the Romanian Cultural Institute and a theatre director himself.
'Handkerchief of Clouds' & 'Gas Heart' 

Director: Cristian Luchian

Music: DJ Tyrrell

Performers: Cristinel HogaČ™, Cristina Haraba, Gabriel

Constantin, Maria Alexe, Alin Balascan, Andrei Costin

Assistant Producer: Anca Doczi Luchian

This event is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Find out more about the show here.

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