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27th June 2016

27th June 2016
7:00 pm
RCC London
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This June we take a closer look at Bucharest, capital city of Romania, its biggest concentration of people and homes. For this undertaking, we invited Andrei Craciun to present and strike up a conversation on how people inhabit the city. 

Bucharest Housing Stories, the documentary series produced by VIRA Association researches the urban cultural diversity of housing and living practices in contemporary Romania. Each episode focuses on the diversity of everyday life experience of 21 characters and their surroundings. Be it in a communist block of flats, in a brand new residential development or on the streets, each of them tries to make a place of their own. 

The series is part of the larger project ‘Lived-In Homes. Cultural diversity of dwelling in Bucharest and the neighbouring surroundings’. This ongoing multidisciplinary venture brings together the work of an impressive team of anthropologists, sociologists and other researchers. Bucharest Housing Stories adds to a much-needed conversation on urban development in contemporary Romania.


Andrei Crăciun works as a sociologist and cultural project developer and coordinator. As member of VIRA Association and VIRA Films he has been involved in cultural projects addressing the use of filmed-based methods in the educational process, the production and development of creative documentary films, recovering elements of cultural heritage in rural areas and also community organizing for environmental issues. In 2015 he coordinated the project ‘Lived-In Homes’

‘Lived-In Homes. Cultural diversity of dwelling in Bucharest and the neighbouring surroundings’ was funded through a Grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and The Romanian Government and it was carried out by VIRA Association in partnership with The Movement for European Action and Initiative Association and The National Museum of Romanian Peasant.

​A reception kindly sponsored by Deli Twist will follow the event.

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