Community Leadership Academy 2016-17

1st Jul 16 - 1st Sep 16

1st Jul 16 - 1st Sep 16

Migrants Organise are launching another edition of their Community Leadership Academy programme to start this fall.

More than ever, this country needs an organised movement of migrants and refugees, and allies, who are powerful enough to ensure our politicians – and the public – build a welcoming society.
We know that migration is a fact of life, and we believe that instead of fearing it or resisting, we need to organise it.  Will you join us?

Migrants Organise’s Community Leadership Academy provides training to migrants and refugee leaders and groups who want to join our movement.
Community Leadership Academy 2016-17
To join Migrants Organise is to join a network; to explore new ways of organising communities and to to create action and change. We aim to make our communities stronger, more powerful and create spaces for us to speak out on issues affecting migrants and refugees, from isolation, discrimination, immigration policy, structural racism and more.
The academy is designed for people who are leading, building or members of refugee and migrant community organisations. We expect leaders to explore the ideas and theories and turn them into action in communities.
Over nine months (September- May), the academy will focus on:
  • Building power to create change: Through negotiation, influencing and action we will focus on understanding and building power.
  • Speaking out on issues: Speaking out is a way of claiming power and inspiring others to take action. You will develop ways to communicate what matters to you through practical training and action led learning.
  • Building common ground: To strengthen communities we must build strong, diverse teams. Throughout our work we encourage individuals and organisations to build strong alliances and networks and give you practical tools to help you do so.
  • Mentoring: You will receive peer-mentoring from each other as well as 121 support from Migrants Organise. Through this process you will be developing leaders around you, growing teams and empowering them to take action.


Session 1: Thursday, September 8th 2016; 4-8pm
Introduction to Community Organising and the Community Leadership Academy
Action: Saturday, September 17th 2016, 10-4pm
Refugee Welcome Walk
Join a 100,000 walk across London, giving a clear positive message to the world: Refugees are welcome here.
Session 2: Wednesday, September 21st 2016, 6pm-8pm
Our Power: Why understanding power is essential to our work
Session 3: Thursday, October 6th 2016, 6pm-8pm
Building Power: How can we build power to make us more effective
Session 4: Wednesday, October 19th 2016, 6pm-8pm
Speaking Out: Testimony and developing a convincing argument
Session 5: Thursday, November 3rd 2016, 6pm-8pm
Speaking Out: Influencing and Negotiating
Session 6: Wednesday, November 16th 2016, 6pm-8pm
Building Common Ground: The power of Community Listening
Session 7: Saturday November 26th, 10am-4pm
Action Planning Day with all members of Migrants Organise
Session 8: Thursday, December 1st 2016, 6pm-8pm
Building Common Ground: Building Networks and Leadership

January to May training dates are to be confirmed. During January to May there will be more time to focus on developing your own actions, consequently there will be less seminars, instead you will receive tailored support from Migrants Organise.


We work with all migrant and refugee community groups who are committed to social justice. We’re looking for people who are passionate about about their communities  and have the drive and determination to change things for the better. Ideally, you will have a firm footing in your community and will be well-connected to local people and groups.


If you are interested in joining the Migrants Organise Community Leadership Academy, please fill out this short form online blow. 
Alternatively, you can download and complete the application as a Word file and send to

More details here.

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