Exhibition | Symbiotic

3rd Sep 16 - 9th Sep 16

3rd Sep 16 - 9th Sep 16
11am - 6pm
212 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA

London-Event and 212 Brick Lane Art Gallery invite you to launch a new Gallery and a brand new International Contemporary Art  Exhibition.

The curator has planned the event as a symbiotic meeting between fine paintings and author jewellery.
Two artists with many national and international exhibitions in theirs portfolio bring hyper realism in a show of colors and delicate forms together with the wonderful creations of two jewellery designers.

Sabin Chintoan and Catalina Oproiu (painters, Romania)
Magda Nica (Designer & Art Jewellery Creator, Italy)
Lzzy Tunc (Designer & Art Jewellery Creator, Romania)
Doina Seimann (Curator)

OPENING: 3 September 2016 at 2pm , 212 Brick Lane London
4 -9 September 2016

Reservation online via www.london-event.com 
By phone at +44(0)7521255319     
FREE Admission

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