Fanny Pack Theatre Presents Evi Stamatiou's 'Day Job'

6th Dec 16 - 10th Dec 16

6th Dec 16 - 10th Dec 16
7.30 pm
68 Clapham Manor Street, Clapham SW4 6DZ, London
£10 - £12
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Born out of a desire to tell the stories of people stuck in jobs that stifle aspirations, Day Job is a fast-paced and surreal comedy. Nightmare managers and daydreamer employees fight over a person's freedom to choose how they spend their time-- and, consequently, their life-- in this hilarious, new devised piece inspired by the real experiences of the performers.
Written and Directed by: Evi Stamatiou
Cast: Maria Alexe
Rachel Scurlock 
Clare Joy Langford
Stephanie Merulla
Set and Costume Design by: Ming Lu Wang
Music Composed by: Dozen Draft
Day Job is Fanny Pack Theatre's first main stage production.

Fanny Pack Theatre was founded in 2016 by Maria Alexe and Rachel Scurlock, because they wanted to produce and perform in work that was created for actors who do not necessarily fit industry standards. Fanny Pack Theatre is interested in promoting diversity onstage and providing juicy roles for women on and off-stage (though not to the exclusion of men!). They are most excited about developing new work that revels in the edgy and celebrates feminist ideals.

Find out more about the play and the company here.

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