Geta Brătescu Exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre

7th Apr 17 - 18th Jun 17

7th Apr 17 - 18th Jun 17
Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, London NW3 6DG
Free entry
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Camden Arts Centre will host an exhibition of work by Geta Brătescu. Born in Romania in 1926, and working for much of her life within a Communist state, Brătescu's vivid practice has comprised performance, textile work, paper collage, print-making, film and installation.

At 91 years old, Brătescu continues to make work in her studio every day. Throughout her career she has looked at this space as a place to redefine the self, raising questions of self-identity and dematerialisation, whilst conjuring questions of ethics and femininity through a longstanding curiosity in mythical and literary figures, including Aesop, Faust, Beckett and Medea. Accumulating everyday items – the wooden stirrers from her daily coffee or cigarette papers – her experiments in material rearrangements take on a diaristic nature. Rhythmically choreographing shape and form, collaged series act as notations of time and space. Encouraging elements of chance she employs techniques such as automatic drawing, ink-blot pictures and regularly drawing with her eyes closed, Brătescu taps into an inner consciousness to bring gesture and association to the fore.

Charting the movement of her hands, the disappearance or concealment of her own image, and performing to camera through photographic series and moving image, the exhibition centres around her lifelong approach to the studio as a performative, contemplative and critical space to reflect on one’s own position in the world.

This event is supported bt the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and the Geta Brătescu Exhibition Circle

Find out more about the exhibition and about opportunities to volunteer here.

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