Let's raise a cup of tea for democracy 

Posted 11th November 2014

Ion Ratiu stopping the rampage of the invading miners in the Romanian Parliament, September 1991

The miserable and frustrating experience of aspiring Romanian voters in London and other European cities would tend to make one believe the current Romanian government does not actually want the diaspora vote. Can this really be coincidental? After 25 years of Romanian experience, coincidences of this nature are difficult to believe. The first round of elections should help us understand what went wrong and make sure that the second round will be correct.
Soon we will commemorate 25 years from the Revolution and we have to leave behind all the lamentations about bureaucracy, the spirit of the lay and start showing everyone the power of the people and start to demand a better Romania by engaging ourselves in our society. We have to start to understand the responsibility that we have in front of our community and create a general feeling of dignity. While Romanians treat each other with contempt they expect the same from the authorities they put in power to represent our interests. What we all need is the comfortable feeling that we are not alone - solidary not solitary - and that we can be treated with dignity and respect.

The first step in this regard is the simple act of assuming our responsibility and on November, 16 to GO AND VOTE, because if we don’t take initiative nothing will change.

Ratiu Family Foundation/ RCC in collaboration with MyRomania group and with the great support of a team of volunteers will offer tea for the voters who will queue in front of the polling station No. 152 in London (1 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PH ). Remembering Ion Ratiu's wise and courageous words, we will raise a cup of tea for Democracy: 

‘I shall fight to my last drop of blood defend
 your right to disagree with me’ (Ion Ratiu, 1991)

For more information about polling station, hours and papers please CLICK HERE

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