Romanian Evening Courses at The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages (SSHL), University of Westminster

Course length: One year part-time. It is also possible to attend each semester independently. The University of Westminster offers the widest range of language classes in the UK, with a total of 25 foreign languages on offer. The part-time Modern Language Evening Programme offers modern language evening classes in the heart of Central London. All teachers are experienced language teaching professionals. They are either native speakers of the language they teach, or teachers with in-depth knowledge and experience of the country concerned and regarded as native speakers of the language. They use the most effective teaching methods to equip you with the language skills you need to communicate naturally in the language you have chosen to study. Materials used in class include course books, newspapers, and audio and visual resources. Where appropriate, teachers will explore issues relating to contemporary life in the relevant country. For all enrolment enquiries, please call Course Enquiries on 020 7911 5000, e-mail: Details on:


020 7911 5000


309 Regent Street, London, W1B 2HW



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