CaziNOU by Calup| Crowdfunding campaign | A social and urban reactivation project  

1st July 2014

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RCC and Ratiu Family Foundation are supporting CaziNOU, a social and urban reactivation project initiated by CALUP. The project seeks to fulfil the reaffirmation of the iconic status of the Cazino Constanta building for a wide range of audience, and show that its reopening has a powerful backing by the public also prepare a safe visiting ground for public events and stop future degradation of the casino. Essentially we will invest your donations in the building, for reparations, utilities and hygiene.

To gather the funds necessary for the first step in their intervention, which means the costs for the sanitation and against degradation of the building, they need  about 10.000 EUR. In order to achieve this, they need your support. Please check on their crowdfunding campaign and visit CALUP’s Facebook page and website to find out more about the project.