Andreiana Mihail Gallery at Frieze Art Fair London

11th Oct 12 - 14th Oct 12

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Thu – Sat: 12:00 – 7:00 pm, Sun: 12:00 – 6:00 pm
Frieze Art Fair is located in the south of Regent’s Park with the entrance off Park Square West, London, UK
Tickets: £27 – £85

Ion Grigorescu – 8 Mai 1921. Courtesy of Andreiana Mihail Gallery

The Ratiu Foundation/ Romanian Cultural Centre in London are pleased to supportAndreiana Mihail Gallery’s participation in this year’s Frieze Art Fair, showcasing works of three prominent Romanian artists – Ion Grigorescu, Ciprian Muresan and Cristi Pogacean..

Opened in 2006, the gallery is a project of Andreiana Mihail with a focus on an emerging international programme looking at new developments in Central and East European artist communities. Some of the artists represented by the gallery went on to build exciting careers, having their works showcased at important art exhibitions in Romania and throughout Europe. The gallery gained its reputation by attending prestigious art fairs around the world such as Frieze Art Fair London and New York, Liste Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, Art Brussels, etc. Andreiana Mihail Gallery received very good media coverage during the past year, being featured in various publications, amongst them NY Times and Financial Times.
This October, the gallery is bringing to London works by Ion Grigorescu, Ciprian Muresan and Cristi Pogacean, introducing them to the Frieze audiences.

Ion Grigorescu, born in 1945 in Bucharest where he currently lives and works, is an iconic figure of performance and conceptual art in Romania. As a forerunner of the conceptual and performative use of the body as an artistic medium in Romania since the early 1970s, Grigorescu is also one of the very few Romanian artists who have radically and conceptually illustrated contemporary concerns in perfect synchronicity with his time. Grigorescu has made an invaluable contribution to the shaping of a critical consciousness capable of articulating a genuinely universal critique in rationalist-discursive, performative, and artistic terms.

Ciprian Muresan, born in 1977, lives and works in Cluj, Romania. He works with a variety of media, from drawing, video and objects to photography and books. Since 2005, Ciprian Muresan is editor of IDEA art + society magazine, published in Cluj-Napoca. In his works he explores, salvages and re-contextualizes historical, social and cultural (literary and /or artistic) references in order to unveil the complexity of everyday life and the conditions of viewing history.

Cristi Pogăcean, born in 1980, lives and works in Targu Mures. He does not approve of simple answers, rather to the contrary, he constantly questions the obtained answers thus opening further platforms for dialogue. The artist observes modernist tradition, equally thoroughly as performances filled with baroque-like theatricality, and in fresh manner he deconstructs its utopian character (Obelisk 2007 or [A modernist nesting box] 2005-2007), he also examines functioning of pop – culture codes and products, as well as probes the nature of collective obsessions, including first of all the religious ones (Video Cross 2004 or Spirit Trainer 2006).

Frieze Art Fair is an international contemporary art fair that takes place every October in London’s Regent’s Park. The fair is staged by Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover, the publishers of frieze magazine. Frieze Art Fair features more than 170 contemporary art galleries, and the fair also includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a talks programme and an artist-led education schedule.
Although staged for the purpose of selling work, the fair has become a cultural entertainment event and out of its 68,000 visitors it has been suggested that 80% attend purely to spectate.

For more information about Frieze Art Fair please click HERE.