Launching Open Arena: Theatre of Testimonies

14th March 2013

6.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Romanian Cultural Centre


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14 March | 18:30 – 21:00  at the Romanian Cultural Centre in London
Manchester Square, 18 Fitzhardinge Street
LondonW1H 6EQ
Admission is free, however booking is essential as there are a limited number of places.

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MEMODROME: Incubator – Romanian memories of Exile

We are happy to invite you to the launch of Open Arena – a creative initiative aiming at exploring contemporary life of the Romanian Diaspora living in London. The event will feature the experimental immersive theatre performance Memodrome: Incubator, talks and a beautiful reception hosted by the Romanian Cultural Centre in London (RCC).

Through Memodrome: Incubator our guests will get immersed into an exceptional situational experience and they will creatively explore memories of ante 89’Romania. This interactive theatre event, first one from the Open Arena series, will emphasise the story of  Romanian artist Mariana Gordan and her dramatic encounter with Securitatea in 1979 Ceausescu`s Romania. She will tell the audience about her narrow escape from a sentence to 30 years in a Communist jail and also about her experience of exile in Britain. Moreover, the audience will have the chance to respond to Mariana’s story and to share individual memories.

Memodrome: Incubator is where you will hear, feel, taste, see, learn, cry, laugh, speak,  meet someone new, find impressive stories, drink some wine, kiss your lover, tell your friends about what happen, think about yourself…
An emotional carousel experience designed by Immersive Theatre and co-created by the audience.

Concept: Anca Doczi
Artistic Direction: CristianLuchian
Special guest: Mariana Gordan

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