Ratiu Democracy Lecture at Oxford Literary Festival

23rd March 2013

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sheldonian Theatre

£11 – £25

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Oxford Literary Festival
5:00 – 6:00 pm at Sheldonian Theatre
Tickets: £11 – £25

Image: Adam Michnik. Courtesy of Ratiu Family Foundation website

Beginning 2013 The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation and Ratiu Center for Democracy are the partners of Oxford Literary Festival. The inaugural Ratiu Democracy Lecture takes place this March 23rd and will delivered by Adam Michnik, the 2009 Ion Raţiu Democracy Awardee, at the Sheldonian Theater in Oxford. The event is hosted by The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation, the Ratiu Center for Democracy and the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, in association with Oxford Brookes University.

The lecture, Pitfalls on the road to democracy in Central and in Eastern Europe (Havel, Geremek, Chodorkowski)’, is an exploration of post-communist realities, including a critique of the new political elite and reflections on the (in)ability to deal with a troubled past.   A book signing session is scheduled to take place after the lecture, Adam Michnik’s last translation to English, In Search of Lost Meaning’ (University of California Press, 2011), will be available on site.

The lecture honours the memory of Ion Ratiu, tireless campaigner for human rights, and one of the most outspoken and consistent voices of the Romanian opposition to communism.

For more details about Adam Michnik and a selection of his articles, please click HERE.
For more details about the event, please click HERE.