Memodrome: Exile – A Forum Theatre event part of 'Open Arena: Theatre of Testimonies'

6th April 2013

3.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Rich Mix


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15.00 – 16:30 at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E16LA


Join us on 6th of April at Rich Mix – amulticultural arts venue in the heart of East London -for a daring Forum Theatre performance designed by Immersive Theatre.
Memodrome: Exile is a participative theatre experience exploring true narratives of Romanian exile inUK and memories of Romanian communism.

By interviewing Romanian exiles and expats and collecting their stories, we are designing a source play based on real events and, within the forum, the story will be developed with the help of the audience by interaction and role-playing situations. Within the format of a traditional forum theatre event, the audience will have the chance to witness live testimonies of Romanians and to participate in the creation of a new narrative enriched with new ideas and stories.

The initial performers of the source play are just like you, people who carry with them impressive stories and memories. If you wish to meet them and to experience the creation of a simultaneous narrative by discussing different perspectives, replacing characters or performing new characters, you are kindly invited to join us. All welcomed.

Memodrome:Exile is a platform for interaction and intercultural exchange.
Read more about Forum Theatre.

Performance language: English
Facilitator: Anca Doczi, theatre artist and scholar
Artistic Direction: Cristian Luchian
This event is made possible by support from Romanian Cultural Centre in London and Rich Mix.


Admission is free, but booking is essential: Immersive Theatre booking