Memodrome: Incubator 2 - The Memory Collector

16th May 13 - 16th May 13

6:30 pm

Romanian Cultural Centre


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ADMISSION IS FREE, but booking is essential. Click here for further details.

IMMERSIVE THEATRE continues their series of performances as part of Open Arena – a research initiative aiming at exploring contemporary life of the Romanian Diaspora living in London.

The third performance hosted by RCC brings to you a new character –The Memory Collector – who is part of a generation reshaped by natural cataclysms such as devastating earthquakes, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and Romanian Communism; a generation left with no memory, therefore she started collecting other people’s memories. During Memodrome: Incubator 2 she will present a box of memories from different ages of Romania that the audience will randomly pick.

However, the memory box should not remain empty. In the end she will collect past stories belonging to the members of the audience and refill the memory box.

Memodrome: Incubator 2 is part of Open Arena – Theatre of Testimonies creative research platform and it is based on real testimonies and memories of Romanians, exploring the past 70 years of  Romania through individual stories of Romanians who left their home country. Memodrome:Incubator 2 will close the first series of ‘memory collection’ performative events, which, along Memodrome: Incubator 1 and Memodrome: Exile, will be the creative source of a new text to be performed at Rich Mix on the 20th of July 2013.

Performance language: English
Memory Collector: Anca Doczi
Artistic Direction: Cristian Luchian

The performance will be followed by a Memory Installation and a reception sponsored by Deli Twist.
Deli Twist is a patisserie serving freshly baked pretzels and pastries and also sweet and savoury twisters.