Rokolective Festival 24 - 27 Sep 2014

4th September 2014

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It is the year 2014, in Bucharest, a city that precipitated to jump over big gaps left behind by decades of discontinuous, fragmented electronic music history, in a burning desire to become one of Europe’s most dynamic scenes. Live concerts, party labels, ambitious promoters pop up in a startling rhythm, constantly filling in the local agenda. Where does Rokolectiv Festival sit on a 2014 insomniac scene?
Celebrating the 9th edition, Rokolectiv Festival is rather a platform built on small steps and continuity, a pillar that one can get a grip on every spring in an otherwise dizzy and tormenting city. From 24th to 27th of April, the festival continues to highlight off-beaten music trajectories constantly crossing and feeding each other, while simultaneously being fed and feeding the big pot called pop. The line up also winks at the dawn of the white “Western sound”, and the colorful explosion of “outer-national” influences.

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