26th Mar 15 - 26th Feb 15

6:30 - 9:30 pm

1 Belgrave Square


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GEORGE ENESCU (1881 - 1955) is Romania’s best known and world renowned composer. His house in Mihaileni (Romania), where he spent many of his holidays, worked and composed parts of his masterpieces, belonged to Enescu’s mother and was built by her parents. The construction date of the Mihaileni house is uncertain; it was built between 1775 and 1830 but is now in danger of collapse and destruction. The building not only has memorial value, but there is also the expression of the Romanian vernacular architecture of the first half of the 19th century. If this dwelling should parish, a powerful part of the memory of Enescu will be lost.
PRO PATRIMONIO foundation proposes the rehabilitation of Enescu's house in Mihaileni, Romania, and the creation of The George Enescu International Music Academy, an excellence centre for the study of classical music, but also with a focus on traditional architecture and crafts, as well as visual arts. The conservation and care of the places of Enescu's early years represents a mission and a responsibility of great importance for the European heritage and can become a place where great scholars connect with talented young people through an individual journey.
JANUARY – MARCH                            The restoration design for the legal permit
APRIL                                                   Building permit
MAY – JULY                                         Consolidation of the foundation
                                                             Consolidation of the wooden structure
                                                             Roof timber frame and shingle restoration
JULY – AUGUST                                   Repairs of the Clay walls and wall stoves
                                                             during educational workshops
AUGUST                                              Tile & clay walls workshop
AUGUST – OCTOBER                         Plumbing and electrical installation
                                                             Doing the last touch ups/ finishings 
FEBRUARY – OCTOBER                      Furniture refurbishment and woodwork repairs
SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER                  Garden Landscaping
OCTOBER                                           Opening Concert
OCTOBER – onwards                       Launching the George Enescu International Music                                                             Academy
JANUARY – MARCH 2015: The restoration design for the legal permit
In July 2014 the project received the authorization for urgent construction interventions. With the purpose of assuring the structural stability of the building during the harsh winter weather conditions, the action was finalized in October 2014 (consolidation of the basement walls, vertical ground planning, temporary support for the house’s timber frame and temporary cover for the roof). Before the restoration process begins, it is necessary to complete the documentation and the proposal for all the works that need to be carried out in the building as well as the landscape interventions that plan to be done.

MARCH – MAY 2015: Consolidation of the foundation
Before the consolidation and restoration works start, the following activities need to be carried out:
>>>to plan the construction site
>>>to disassemble the doors and windows
>>>to complete woodwork under the supervision of a qualified professional worker (in compliance to the architectural project). 

The foundation will be checked and consolidated in accordance with the official regulations by using traditional materials (stone and lime). The works will depend on the weather condition as spring can be cold, rainy and even snowy.
APRIL – MAY 2015: Repairs and consolidation of the wooden structure
The aim of this activity is to restore the structural stability of the house. This stage implies the carpentry restoration of the wooden structure of the porch and the walls. Since a lot of the porch elements, columns as well as the parapet and the handrail are missing, they will be reproduced according to the architectural project. The restored original elements will also be integrated into this ensemble.
The timber structure of the walls on twigs and clay rolls (valatuci) is noteworthy since it exemplifies a rare 19th century construction method, with very few examples remaining nowadays. The specialists will also be executing consolidation works, focusing on the walls of the house as well as its structure
MAY – JUNE 2015: Roof timber frame and shingle restoration
Since the building has been neglected for a long time the structure of the rooftop has been seriously damaged. This exposes the rest of the house to adverse weather conditions which, in time, lead to the deterioration of the house. This activity involves the consolidation of the roof timber frame.
Carpenters will apply well-known methods of intervention for the rotten parts of the wooden structural elements, while using traditional tools and techniques. Keeping most of the original materials represents the first goal as well as the main challenge of this project.
JULY – AUGUST 2015: Repairs of the Clay walls and wall-stoves during educational workshops
This stages incorporates educational activities aiming at highlighting the importance of researching, analysing, understanding and practicing two of the most endangered crafts from Romania: building clay walls on twigs and restoring clay wall-stoves – both very representative for traditional Romanian architecture. The project has two main goals: to restore the memorial house by using traditional materials and techniques performed by experienced craftsmen who will also pass on the skills to the local community. Secondly, it seeks to reintegrate the house within the Mihaileni village community by establishing The George Enescu International Music Academy, an excellence center for the study of classical music.
SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 2015: Installing the plumbing & heating systems/ Doing the last touch ups/ finishings 
Due to the building’s condition, a new electric system will be installed. The integration of technology into the context of historical building will respect the architectural project. Moreover, in compliance with the sanitary norms for an international music academy, a new plumbing installation will be installed.
FEBRUARY – OCTOBER 2015: Furniture refurbishment and woodwork repairs
In parallel with the consolidation works, the wooden elements of the house – doors and windows – will be restored. All the furniture found in the Enescu house (two closets, a mirror, one sofa, two beds and one chest of drawers) were taken to an art-furniture workshop from Botosani and are currently in the process of restoration.
SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 2015: Garden Landscaping
First step in garden planning aims to clean the existing vegetation and to execute a proper drainage of the area in order to prevent further damages to the house. Other elements of the garden include alleys, fences, outdoor furniture (two benches and informational panels). In order to mark the opening of the house, at its entrance there will be planted two oaks and a commemorative bust of George Enescu, unveiled in presence of the craftsmen, villagers, local administration and other people involved entities.
We estimate that a number of 67 people will be involved in the process of restoration and repurposing of the George Enescu house, of whom 50 are volunteers. Yet, our ever growing network of members and supporters add up to a larger number of people cherishing this project, acknowledging its value for the Romanian as well as the international cultural heritage.
OUR TARGET: £40, 000
This amount of money will enable Pro Patrimonio to carry out the initial works for restoring the George Enescu house. On the long term, our goal is to raise awareness about this incredible project and about the incredible potential is has. We want to activate this place so it benefits the local community. At the same time our dreams are big – we want the Enescu House in Mihaileni to become an internationally renowned music academy.
Pro Patrimonio seeks your generous support for one of its most valuable projects – the Enescu House. Please attend our events, donate towards Pro Patrimonio and spread the work about our big ambitions.

ATTEND OUR VIRTUOSO CONCERT in aid of in aid of the renovation and revitalization of The Enescu House in Mihăileni (Romania) on 26 March 2015, 7:00 pm at 1 Belgrave Square, at No. 1 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PH.
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Please donate towards our project on our Pure Charity Page: http://bit.ly/1AdApFx or into one of our bank accounts (GBP/ EUR/ RON).
The Pro Patrimonio Foundation - Romania’s National Trust - is an international non-profit organization with branches in Romania, UK, France and the United States, established in 2000 by arch. Serban Cantacuzino. The goals of the Foundation are to save, preserve and restore the architectural and cultural heritage of Romania. We lobby for the protection of Romania’s cultural heritage, aiming to teach people to appreciate the value of it, and to provide support for the restoration and re-use of historic buildings. We try to connect them with a cultural and economic network, respecting traditional craftsmanship and appropriate construction techniques.
At the moment the Foundation has over 100 volunteers, especially young people, who help in the projects for the protection and restoration of historical buildings and the education of local communities. This year Pro Patrimonio is working on the 60 wooden churches project, the action to save the Enescu House of Mihăileni, the promotion of the cultural landscapes around the Villa Golescu in Campulung, and the teaching of traditional crafts at the Manor of Tibanesti.
Trustees of Pro Patrimonio UK: Serban Cantacuzino, Nicolae Ratiu, Indrei Ratiu, Richard Ralph, Moritz Fried
Pro Patrimonio Foundation is a registered UK Charity since 2000 (number 1087781)|| Bank of Scotland a/c 00816088 Sort Code 12-11-03 IBAN GB95 BOFS 1211 0300 8160 88