Make Space For Me! a play by Anthony Michineau with Medeea Marienscu and Marius Manole

16th May 15 - 16th May 15

7.00 pm

Leicester Square Theatre 6 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BX London


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Tales Told in Romanian presents Medeea Marinescu and Marius Manole in romantic comedy Make Space For Me! By Anthony Michineau
An Inspira Association production
Screen star Medeea Marinescu and theatre prodigy Marius Manole meet on the London stage in a romantic comedy directed by Rady Beligan.
It's Christmas Eve. An intriguing adventurer, and alone in a sleeper train racing by, she completely seduces him, a principled man, now facing an unexpected scenario which threatens to subvert his entire existence.
Chance brings Manuel and Camilla together, two people with apparently nothing in common, sparking genuine attraction between them. They try to understand each other and to communicate, both in need for confession, and more, in need for escaping their loneliness.
Make Space For Me! invites us to reflect on our own existence, beyond any recognized social conventions.
“The way the two actors play with eatch other is delightful, it is lively, full of charm and sincerity” (Yorik magazine)
Directed by: Radu Beligan
Cast: Marius Manole, Medeea Marinescu
Translation by: Mona Radu
Performed in Romanian, with English sur-titles