'The Tale of the Pig' by Vasile Nedelcu at  Brighton Fringe

27th May 15 - 31st May 15

2.00 pm

The Warren: Main House St Peter’s Church North, York Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4GU

£6.25, £8.00

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Pericles Theatre Company and Atelier Community Theatre presents an irresistible staging of the beloved "The Tale of the Pig", the quintessential fable of Romanian childhood. The show, based on two famous versions of the story written by legendary storytellers Ion Creangă and Petre Ispirescu,  follows the adventures of an adorable piglet adopted by a childless, elderly couple, which must overcome many obstacles and reinvent itself in order to win the heart of a beautiful princess.

Directed by award-winning Romanian director Vasile Nedelcu and illustrated by David Brett’s original music and lyrics, 'The Tale of the Pig' has been short-listed for the Camp Bestival Award for Best Family Show and has also been recommended by We Love Brighton (Brighton Fringe 2015 Highlights| Brighton Fringe Guide).

Producer Erika Blaxland de Lange says: "Being involved in this project has been an awe-inspiring journey. Over the months of preparation I caught glimpses of workshops and rehearsals where beautiful props and masks were being hand-made, and I heard the wonderful music David Brett composed for the play, and suddenly I realised I was part of something important. The atmosphere is so full of caring and zest and joy and brilliance - it spills over into the play. Director- Vasile Nedelcu is nothing short of true genius- he captures something unique and authentic and the result is simply mesmerising. This isn't a project where people with disabilities are being 'helped' to do something- it's an environment where everyone has something of real value to offer and the trust and companionship which has grown between everyone in the cast is wonderful. The professional actors and musicians have brought their years of experience and expertise to bear, and the acting and songs are brilliant".


The Atelier Community Theatre was founded in 2010 by Vasile Nedelcu. The Atelier has a professional theatre side and a community play side which meet, mingle and blend.

Pericles Theatre Company was born in 1999 and is committed to helping adults with learning disabilities advance their social and artistic development. Pericles is based in Hoathly Hill and was founded by actress and humanitarian Paulamaria Blaxland-de Lange. It includes the Pericles craft workshops, The Sharp Thorne Organic Café, the woodland projects at Plaw Hatch and Tablehurst farms, and Pericles Theatre Company.

Text: ICR London