United Against Deforestation || Protest Organised by ESC

9th May 15 - 9th May 15

2.00 pm

18 Belgrave Mews West, London SW1X 8HU

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According to Greenpeace and Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) Romania is “still” home to three quarters of Europe's virgin forests. However these are quickly disappearing under indifferent Romanian authorities fuelled by a combination of poor legislation and wide corruption that is allowing illegal cuttings to occur unabated. A recent undercover investigation by EIA into the operations of one of the biggest woodworking business in Romania, the Austrian Holzindustrie Schweighofer, unravelled a business model that, not only accepted illegal cuttings, it promoted it through a system of bonuses. Furthermore, the company is aggressively lobbying, either directly or through political levers, against any changes in forestry legislation that can endanger its monopoly over the indigenous woodworking industry.

As a result, on the 9th of May we will stage an artistic event in front of the Austrian Embassy to highlight to the Austrian ambassador the fact that since Holzindustrie Schweighofer, and other Austrian companies, started operations in Romania, forests have been disappearing at an alarming rate. We will arrive dressed as lumberjacks and trees and stage a theatrical re-enactment of their operations in Romania. So please join us, and if you can, come dressed as lumberjacks similar to http://us105fm.com/files/2013/10/halloween2.jpg. The more, the merrier 

This is part of an coordinated national and international effort: 
This is part of an coordinated national and international effort. For more details please follow the links. 
Romania: BucurestiAlba-IuliaBraşov, ClujCluj (blocat)FocșaniIașiPloieştiOradeaSibiuSuceavaVaslui
Internationally: VienaParisMontreal