Art Safari 2015

13th May 2015

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Art Safari 2014 has successfully managed to bring together, for its first edition, over 70 galleries, institutions and art projects in a unique space, designed especially for this event, in the centre of Bucharest, attracting over 15,000 visitors in four days. For the second edition, Art Safari aims to continue to create dynamic connections between art galleries, art lovers and collectors, as well as public institutions that play a paramount role in the art world and lead to an international connectivity in the artistic environment, Eastern European in general and Romanian in particular. One of the goals of art in contemporary society is a nomadic way of living. Art is represented and it presents itself in various circumstances and situations only to express as clearly and as broadly as possible the idea of everywhere and nowhere. Today we can no longer speak of the art of a single country, region or continent, but of a global art that takes over and incorporates elements from different areas and geographical regions. Thus, Art Safari Bucharest 2015 represents a porto franco, a free place where Eastern art meets international trends and experiences. Through Art Safari, Bucharest intends to become an important art centre where the West meets the East in its own backyard.

Image courtesy of Art Safari Facebook page