Summer workshops in Romania

15th June 2016

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Pro Patrimonio – Romania’s National Trust invites you to join their summer workshops. The Foundation was set up in 2000 to save, preserve and restore the architectural and cultural heritage of Romania. It provides support for the restoration and re-use of historic buildings and actively promotes the use of appropriate construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship.
1. Discover the Carpathian Mountains & Contemporary Romanian Cooking
Dates:  23/07/2016 – 31/07/2016
Price: € 200 (approx. £155)
Accommodation: There is free camping in the Villa’s landscaped gardens or reasonably-priced local accommodation can be sourced.

Join us and discover the beauty and unique biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains. You will have the chance to explore this unspoilt region with its contrasts of green rolling hills, wild mountains, chalkstone cliffs and vast plains. As well as hiking and exploring, there will be plenty of opportunity to sample the products of this rich landscape – vegetables, mushrooms, meats, cheeses and spices. This holiday is centred around practical workshops led by local landscape experts and chefs. You will be based at Villa Golescu, situated in the charming city of Campulung Muscel in the foothills of the Carpathians.  

2. Textile Conservation & Restoration at Villa Golescu
Dates:  04/07/2016 – 09/07/2016
Price: € 200 (approx. £155)
* limited number of participants
Accommodation and meals will be provided in the villa.

Textiles represent an important part of cultural heritage and provide a valuable insight to daily life throughout the centuries. During this unique holiday you will have the opportunity to understand textile conservation techniques and processes through an introduction to the physical, technological and artistic research of items and then through actual restoration activity. The holiday centres around workshops led by a pre-eminent specialist in archaeological textile restoration.

You’ll be based at Villa Golescu, set amongst landscaped gardens in the charming city of Campulung Muscel which is situated in the outlying hills of the Carpathian mountains. Built in 1910, the villa is a beautiful example of the neo-romanian style in the region and it has survived the wars and communist era thanks to the family’s descendants who wished to save it for future generations.

3. Wood Painting Restoration
Dates:  01/08/2016 – 08/08/2016
Price:  € 150  (approx. £117)

Accommodation is in a nearby traditional household, where all meals will be served.
* limited number of participants
The wooden church in the village of Ursi dates from the 18th century and is a rare example of a church with fresco-style paintings on both the inside and the outside. In 2010 the main arch collapsed, due to lack of maintenance and general neglect. Following a major restoration programme undertaken by the Foundation, structural and roof repairs have been completed and the church is structurally safe. There is still a lot of work to be done in restoring the paintings and this is your opportunity to learn fresco restoration techniques and help to preserve this unique art.

Ursi lies at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, very close to the World Heritage site of Horezu monastery and the beautiful natural park. You’ll be able to discover the authentic rural environment of the village, where traditional crafts are perpetuated.

Participation includes 3 meals in a traditional household and a trip to the Horezu monastery.

4. Blacksmithing at the manor
Dates:  24/07/2016 – 07/08/2016
Price:  € 350 (approx. £233) 
Accommodation and meals are provided in several historical buildings.
Camping is free
* limited number of participants

This is your opportunity to try traditional crafts in the grounds of the Petre Carp manor built at the end of the 17th century. Several annex buildings have been built over the years including a neo-gothic family mausoleum designed by Gustave Eiffel. The manor, its surrounding buildings and historic parklands, form a unique architectural ensemble in the hilly region of Moldavia, eastern Romania.
These days the manor is a continuously developing cultural centre and each summer Pro Patrimonio organizes workshops covering diverse traditional crafts including blacksmithing, wood carving, restoration techniques, pottery, carpentry, fresco conservation and plastering. 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of this initiative and whether you are a student, conservation professional or interested novice, this holiday should provide an unforgettable experience. During your spare time you’ll have the opportunity to explore the local landscape and traditions.

To book a place simply email Pro Patrimonio at
Registration ends by the 15th of June 2016.

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