Roundtable Projects is an open platform aimed at developing a collaborative network of interests and opportunities for the Romanian community in the UK.


We invite applicants to submit proposals for projects they find interesting and relevant to the Romanian community. We are also open to applications coming from non-Romanians, as long as a Romanian connection exists.

Developed by The Romanian Cultural Centre in London (RCC), as an extension of our Culture Power series, we offer a transparent and creative platform open to all kinds of discussions and opportunities. Roundtable Projects encourages the collaboration between RCC and our audiences by welcoming anyone who wishes to work creatively and participate in our activities.


The Roma - From 'Extra' to 'Ordinary'
2014 Roundtable Winner


We invite you to submit proposals for projects in the Visual, Performing, Literary, History and Media Arts you would like to organise in partnership with RCC. You may either work alone or in groups (where at least one member is Romanian).

Please send us your applications containing a draft outline in no more than 500 words of your project idea, budget and time schedule as well as a portfolio (if applicable).

The deadline for this session is midnight, on Monday, 1 May 2017.

Shortlisted applicants will be announced by the  15 May 2017.

You can find the application form below.

Selection Criteria

1. The reasonable likelihood the project can be realised with RCC support based on the applicant’s budget and time schedule.
2. The creative aspect of the proposal and the previous experience of the applicant.
3. The Selection Panel’s subjective response to the proposal in comparison to other projects submitted.

Selection Process

RCC will select a maximum of 10 proposals and invite the applicants for a roundtable discussion.

Each applicant will have 5 minutes to pitch their project to the participants and to the Selection Panel.

After the presentations, a vote will be held to select the two best proposals. Everyone can then vote for the best two projects, except for their own. Each applicant along with the members of the Selection Panel will have an equal vote.

The two proposals which gather the most votes are declared winners.

Once the two finalists are chosen, individual discussions will follow with RCC concerning the winning projects.

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