Route to your rights: New MRN project seeking migrants’ views

16th September 2016

16th September 2016
Are you a migrant to the UK? Did you arrive in or before 2011? If so, we want to hear from you!

Route to your rights is a new Migrants' Rights Network project which will explore what exposes migrants to problems like homelessness and exploitation at work, and what measures people take to overcome them.
Over the next 18 months we will be talking to individuals, migrant community organisations, local authorities and other agencies to figure out what factors affect people’s ability to establish meaningful lives and integrate in the UK, and how to build resistance to vulnerability.

We will be holding a focus group in central London from 2-4 pm on 16 September 2016 to discuss migrants’ early experiences of arriving in the UK. Topics will include access to public services, quality of housing and employment, difficulties people faced on arrival, and what they did to overcome them.

To take part in the focus group, you will need to:
  • - Live in Greater London;
  • - Be over 18;
  • - Have migrated to the UK in 2011 or earlier
  • - Have arrived in the UK by any route but the Tier 1 Visa;
  • - Have a working level of written and spoken English
    (We will try to support any interpreting or translation needs if you can let us know in advance);
  • - Be willing to discuss your early experience of settling in the UK in a small, confidential group setting.
Reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed, and all contributions will be kept anonymous. 

We will also be holding focus groups in Manchester and Coventry in October and November (dates to be confirmed).

If you want to take part email Gracie Bradley, Project Manager, at, or call 0207 7336 9416.

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