?The Last Jew of Sighisoara? ? a talk by Jessica Douglas-Home

Posted 5th May 2010

The evening of Wednesday 5 May 2010 brought a very special talk at the Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre: 'The Last Jew of Sighisoara', by the British artist and writer Jessica Douglas-Home. Jessica Douglas-Home recalled the personality of Erich Raducanu, known as the last Jew of Sighisoara, who cared for his synagogue for over 50 years, and who became an inspiration for the Mihai Eminescu Trust in its work of conservation and preservation of heritage and crafts in Transylvania. The evening was hosted by novelist, historian, and curator Dr Mike Phillips OBE, and also benefited from the presence of Andreea Valean, grand-daughter or Erich Raducanu, whose memories of her grandfather helped give even more contour to his personality.

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