Trigon at the London Jazz Festival

17th November 2016

17th November 2016
8 pm - 11 pm
3-7 Delancey St NW1 7NL
£12 - £15
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The Moldovan band Trigon was invited to perform this year at the London Jazz Festival. Fusing Romanian, and Moldovan folk music and sophisticated, grooving jazz, Trigon make surprising music that sounds like what might have come about had gypsy maestros Taraf de Haidouks ever jammed with fusion legends Weather Report.

The band was created in 1992 and is led on viola by Anatol Stefanet, bringing an earthy vibe that is partnered with the breathy kaval flute dexterously played by multi-instrumentalist Vali Boghean, also on trumpet and sax.

Keys, xylophone and vocal arrangements work together to create kaleidoscopic acoustic textures. Witty and inventive, ironic and easy-going, Trigon are also serious and scrupulous about music.

This show is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Find more information about the event here.

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