Painters in Transylvania

1st November 2018

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A fundraising Event and Exhibition 6 - 8 November for Fundatia ADEPT's pioneering work in preserving the traditional landscape of Transylvania. 

In 2017, ADEPT was given the opportunity by Fauna & Flora International and Grass Valley Trust to purchase and manage a farmed valley in central Transylvania. ADEPT is raising funds to educate children about their natural environment and to promote traditional farming methods. The Angofa farm provides the opportunity to do both. Wildflower-rich hay meadows which have almost disappeared in Europe will be restored and preserved here.

Many thanks to the artists who are donating 30% of their sales to ADEPT. All funds raised at this Exhibition will help re-build the former Angofa school and farm house. The old school will be both a field and educational centre for children, students, botanists and visitors to the Angofa farmland. We are delighted that The Slow Cyclist, whose Transylvanian tracks include this special valley, is supporting us in this enterprise.

Exhibiting Artists 

Richard Foster | Katie Buckett | Hugh Dunford-Wood

Lindy Guinness | Clare Inskip | John James

Lucy Portman | Tim Scott Bolton | Dione Verulam


Please register HERE if you wish to attend. 

For more information please visit Paintings of Transylvania website.