Old Crafts| New Forms

1st November 2018

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Panelists: Lemnia (Răzvan Chelu), Elena Crișan Jewelry & Septembrie Cândva (Cătălin Spînache) Moderator: Liviu Pop

November 23rd | Doors open at 18.30 for a sharp start at 19.00.

Discussion with young Romanian designers on the ripples of tradition, experiment in format and material, and challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in liberal arts. Designers’ exhibit.

Elena Crișan creates unique handcrafted jewellery since 2005. She studied sculpture at the Academy of Art of Cluj-Napoca. Following her graduation she continued to work in metal and precious stones. Her recent collections are: „Precious Thoughts” - a presentation of plants, leaves and flowers transmuted into jewellery, meant to be an invitation to stay connected to nature and ‘’The Queens Ring” - a collection of one of a kind pieces of jewellery inspired by Queens names. The rings have timeless design evoking the elegance of living. Created of silver and gold, with rubies, sapphires, pearls and lapis lazuli, they become personal talismans.

Born from the vision of an architect, Razvan Chelu, and the artistry of his father, a wood craftsman, Lemnia‘s unique statement-bags tell the story of avant-garde design carved into supple wood and fine leather. The brand’s playful pairing of natural textures, bold contours and architectural structures breaks with the fashion codes and builds a language of its own. Lemnia layers together urban appeal and sculptural edge to make conceptual design totally wearable. Each bag is a street style gem that can infuse any outfit with a crisp, contemporary sophistication.

Cătălin Spînache's main goal with Septembrie Candva is to offer jewellery pieces to those who still appreciate and value the handmade process.

During the event, the Romanian Cultural Centre also exhibits works by Art Teacher Ionela Cumpanasu

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