‘Who is holding the conch? On the importance of International Relations theory upon world politics’ by Simona Manea

7th December 2006

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Thursday 7 December 2006 18.30 � 20.30, The Romanian Cultural Centre, 8th floor, 54-62 Regent Street, London W1B 5RE; Tel. 020 7439 4052, ext 102; e-mail: mail@romanianculturalcentre.org.uk Click here to see images from this event. �Speaking with authority, i.e. being recognized as a legitimate entity (individual, group, or institution) is the result of a power game in which status has been and is being negotiated incessantly among the different entities. The metaphorical instantiation of this process is masterly depicted in William Goldwin�s Lord of the Flies. The conch becomes a decisive element in establishing the flow of the game (in this case, politics). In other words, speaking with authority is not an aim per se but rather a condition for being able to create and/or influence the epistemic framework within which interaction takes place or that conditions/shapes the understanding of interaction. The presentation will discuss the role of �theory� upon understanding and doing international politics, the purpose of a rather new science � International Relations (IR), its different claims and (potential) policy implications� (Simona Manea) Biography Simona Manea: Currently enrolled as a PhD student at London School of Economics and Political Science in the Department of International Relations. Writing a thesis on the conceptualisation of the state as an agent in international relations theory and foreign policy analysis. Graduated from the University of Manchester, Government Department (MA Distinction, in International Politics, 2002-2003) and from Babes-Bolyai University, Department of European Studies (BA Hons in Political Science, Major in European Studies, 1998-2002). Holder of several awards/scholarships, amongst which, the Open Society Institute � Chevening FCO � University of Manchester scholarship (2002-2003), The Overseas Research Students Award (2004-2007), The OSI Supplementary Fund Award (2005-2006), The Ratiu Foundation Scholarship (2006-2007). This presentation is part of the CULTURE POWER program which is initiated by the Ratiu Foundation UK. The program consists of a series of seminars focused around a presentation followed by a constructive dialogue with an invited audience. Organised by The Ratiu Foundation UK. More details on www.ratiufamilyfoundation.com.