Keep Drawing | a presentation by Dan Perjovschi

8th May 2009

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On Friday 8 May 2009 RCC hosted a special presentation by Dan Perjovschi in the Culture Power series of talks and seminars. 


Undoubtedly one of the best known Romanian contemporary artists, Dan Perjovschi visited the UK in May 2009, bringing his unique brand of witty cartoon-style, politically resonant drawings. As a special treat for the friends and lovers of Romanian culture, Dan held a special presentation at the Ratiu Foundation, as a guest speaker in the Culture Power series of talks and seminars. 

Dan Perjovshi will discuss his latest work, and for a frank and open view of the Romanian contemporary arts scene. And speaking about freedom, last time Dan was our guest at the Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre in London, in January 2006, he needed to get a visa to be able to be able to make himself heard as a Postmodern Ex-communist.

Dan’s works have appeared in a variety of formats: from his notebooks, to newspapers and galleries around the world, including the UK. His most recent appearance in this country was within Tate Liverpool’s ‘The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space’ project (16 December 2008-1 February 2009). With that occasion, Dan also managed to take some time to work together with the News Magazine on the BBC’s website, in order to compose a topical cartoon for the Magazine Index. 

Photo credits: Gabriel Haidau