Wolves in the Fold: some views of Romanian pastoralism, its past, present and future - a presentation by Caroline Juler

22nd April 2009

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On Wednesday 22 April 2009 RCC had the pleasure to host the Culture Power Presentation of British writer and artist Caroline Juler.


British writer and artist Caroline Juler was the special guest of the Culture Power Series for a presentation on Romanian pastoralism. It followed Caroline's extensive research in Romania, which was conducted with the support of the Ratiu Foundation. 

Caroline Juler has written two guidebooks - ‘National Geographic Traveler Romania’ (2007) and ‘Blue Guide Romania’ (2000), as well as a travel book about Romania - ‘Searching for Sarmizegetusa’ (2003). Caroline is not and doesn’t pretend to be an expert in sheep-farming, economics or politics, but wants to make her recordings part of an oral history archive, a documentary exhibition, film and book. She’s interested in raising the above issues with people who are concerned about the loss of Romania’s rural heritage as well as its economic and moral well-being. To find out more about Caroline's work, please visit her website 

Photo credits: Gabriel Haidau