The Bow Tie Party 2.0

20th March 2009

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On 20 March 2009, took place the Ratiu Foundation Annual Reception.


Considering that we live in the computer age, and that the 2009 event had new and improved features in comparison with the previous Bow-Tie Party of 2008, we thought we might as well call the celebration Bow-Tie Party version 2.0. It was a fine occasion for Ratiu scholars, students and researchers of all sorts, as well as project managers and cultural promoters to meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in our own building in manchester Square. Project partners of the Ratiu Foundation were also invited to join in the fun. The Trustees of the Ratiu Foudnation were present at the festivities in order to meet all guests and discuss their work and plans for the future.

Photo credits: Gabriel Haidau