‘Contemporary Visual Arts in Romania’ by Raluca Voinea

4th July 2005

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Monday 4 July 2005 18.00, The Romanian Cultural Centre, 8th Floor, 54-62 Regent Street, London W1B 5RE There are few people who have not heard of Constantin Brancusi, possibly the greatest Romanian artist, and one of the foremost artists in the world. There are also few people not to know about the Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, and his dark, oppressive regime. What people generally dont know is that there is more to art in Romania besides Brancusi and his legacy, and the fact that after 15 years since the revolution of 1989 which deposed Ceausescu there is a thriving contemporary art scene which anyone would find at least interesting. Find out more about Romania s visual arts scene from curator and art critic Raluca Voinea , currently a 2nd year student in MA Curating Contemporary Art, at the Royal College of Art, London . Any issues you might have regarding Romanian contemporary art will be answered in a discussion after the presentation. Limited number of seats. If interested, book at mail@romanianculturalcentre.org.uk . Those who have already booked, please ignore this reminder. This presentation is part of the CULTURE POWER program which is initiated by the Ratiu Foundation UK and designed for students and scholars interested in exploring the development of Romanian culture. The program consists of a series of seminars focused around a presentation followed by a constructive dialogue with an invited audience. Each event brings together an audience of experts, tutors and commentators in the relevant field, who might be interested in improving the project or taking it further. CULTURE POWER thereby aims to introduce the work of Ratiu scholars to a discerning and influential audience, not only through face to face discussion at the seminars but also by circulating papers and reports. This network aims to generate both an educational arena for the scholars and a major source of information about Romanian issues for an important target group.