Lia Perjovschi - ‘Chronology’

1st January 2007

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Until 31 January 2007 at Gallery Yujiro, London SE16 4DG Click here to see an image related to this event. Gallery Yujiro presents the first UK solo exhibition of the internationally acclaimed Romanian artist, Lia Perjovschi. Her multidisciplinary practice recovers, collects, and disseminates the information which has been inaccessible to Romania until 1989. A highly developed personal archive is formed through objects, diagrams, texts, images, and film. For roughly twenty years Lia has embarked on a project-as-an-institution, employing the recent history of art as material for building up relations, and dialogue. Her works are neither installations nor performances; they look like offices for individual research, reading rooms or places for debates; the focus is the body of art. She cares less if one calls it art or not. The CAA (Contemporary Art Archive) is a context in motion, a museum in files. Based on 15 years of meticulous documentation of the international art scene, CAA has the mission to enlarge the contemporary art scene (in Romania), to preserve independent positions and empower promising institutions and individuals *. Chronology concentrates on Lias Subjective Art History, an extensive series of reproduced images and text dating from Modernism to the present day. The piece is made up of three interconnected stems: Time line general, Time line on Romanian culture and My time line, edited and re-edited over the last fifteen years; an investigative practice, its purpose to examine what, how, and ultimately who, enters into the archive of history. Ideas and notes take on the form of snowflake-like crystalline diagrams, comprising of fifty drawings in different languages, mapping the connections in history, history of art, theory, politics and language. As a result of Lias travels, a collection of information from galleries and institutions is accumulated. The postcard collection and plastic bags collection, dating from 1990 to the present are exhibiting in conjunction with the detective table, which consists of models, replicas of artworks bagged and tagged, as if a form of criminal investigation which is in progress. Lia writes and produces a newspaper entitled CAA/CAA publications, which disseminates news about the progress of the archive, future projects, interviews and text. The eleven copies will be exhibited for the first time. NOTE: * - Dan Perjovschi, The Voice Activated Installation, Praesens Number 2, Budapest , 2002. The catalogue of the show, titled Chronology, is available from Gallery Yujiro. Exhibition ends: 31 January 2007 Gallery Yujiro Studio Unit A502 Tower Point Tower Bridge Business Complex 100 Clements Road SE16 4DG Tel. +44 (0) 20 7394 8591 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7394 8610 Gallery Yujiro is on the 5th floor of Block A at Tower Bridge Business Complex, Unit 502, Clements Road, Bermondsey. TUBE: Bermondsey (Jubilee Line) BUSES:47, 188, 225 and C10 run from London Bridge and 381, 1 from Waterloo TRAIN: Bermondsey South (From London Bridge) CAR: A parking permit will be required onsite and can be arranged in advance.

Special Event

13 January 2007, 10.00 16.00 Symposium: 1 day Marathon of Words Tickets: 5 A special symposium with: Lia Perjovschi, artist; Dale Adcock (artist, Studio Director Gallery Yujiro); Radu Filipescu (former dissident, President of GDS); Alina Mungiu Pippidi, political analyst; Dr Malcolm Quinn (Reader in Critical Practice); Mark Pomeroy (Archivist, Royal Academy); Traian Ungureanu, journalist. Welcome address by Andra Adcock (Director Gallery Yujiro), with an introduction by Raduta Matache, Charg dAffaires, Embassy of Romania in the UK


19 January 2007, 19.00 Film Screening: Films from Romania with Mark Korda-Gregson A selection of short films and one feature. 20 January 2007, 19.00 21.00 Children of the Revolution with Mihai Risnoveanu Growing up in Ceausescus Romania in the 1980s. Comrade unit leader, the pioneers detachment of Class 5B is ready for action!. 25 January 2007, 19.00 21.00 Chronicles from Romania with Hannah Godfrey & A miniature Universe with Mia Taylor Stories from a residency, illustrated with a real time drawing. Book your seat online at Supported by: The Embassy of Romania in the UK, ICR/Romanian Cultural Institute, The Britannia, The Romanian Cultural Centre in London