‘Advertising Effectiveness in the New Member States: Opportunities and Caveats’ by Dr Dan Petrovici

19th February 2007

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Monday 19 February 2007 18.30 20.30, The Romanian Cultural Centre, 8th floor, 54-62 Regent Street, London W1B 5RE; Tel. 020 7439 4052, ext 102; e-mail: mail@ratiufamilyfoundation.com Does advertising add to product knowledge? Does advertising build up confidence in the institution of advertising as we perceive it in the Western world, where it has become part of the culture? Are they sceptical of the instruments used by marketers to promote their products or do they perceive them as fair and sincere? The presentation will provide on overview of the advertising landscape in Central and Eastern Europe with a particular emphasis on the New EU Member States. A discussion of consumer behaviour and marketing communications strategies will follow. Key themes of the presentation will include consumer lifestyles, attitudes to advertising, personal uses and perceived socio-economic effects of advertising. (Dr Dan Petrovici) Dr Dan Petrovici is a Lecturer in Marketing at Kent Business School. With an academic background in statistics, sociology and international marketing, he pursued a career in market research. His industrial experience was with FESSEL GfK (Research Manager) and as a consultant to advertising agencies in Eastern Europe (Optimedia, Ignis, Eurogama Invest). Research interests include consumer behaviour, health preventive behaviour, consumer attitudes to advertising and food marketing with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe . He has published in international consumer, marketing and consumer policy journal such as Journal of Consumer Policy, Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing, Food Policy, Cahiers d'conomie et Sociologie Rurales. Recent papers include presentations at the Academy of Marketing , the European Association of Agricultural Economists and European Academy of Marketing and the Institute of Direct Marketing. He is Visiting Professor at University of Metz (France). Culture Power is a programme initiated by the Ratiu Foundation, consisting of a number of seminars focused around a presentation followed by a constructive dialogue with an invited audience. The domains are varied, ranging from contemporary art to money remittances and political theory, passing through architectural studies and advertising. David Webster, Director of the Anglo-Romanian Economic and Political Forum, and a great friend of Romania and Romanian culture, has agreed to chair the discussions, and the first presentation in this formula took place on 7 December 2006. Organised by The Ratiu Foundation UK www.ratiufamilyfoundation.com