Ratiu Foundation Annual Meeting 2010 and Bow-Tie Party 3rd edition

16th October 2010

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The Ratiu Foundation Annual Meeting 2010 and the third edition of the Bow-Tie Party took place on Saturday 16 October 2010. With this occasion, Scholars, Alumni and Friends of the Ratiu Foundation had the occasion to meet and update each other on their work.

The day started with a special Culture Power session of short presentations, in which Scholars and Alumni talked on various subjects, from the funeral habits of traditional Romanian peasant families to help for victims of domestic violence, via freedom of speech and the role of kitsch. In the second part of the day took place the third edition of the Bow-Tie Party, an event meant to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the great Romanian democracy campaigner and humanitarian Ion Ratiu, lovingly remembered in Romania as "Mr Bow-Tie", and "the best president we never had".