In Memoriam Ion Ratiu (6 June 1917 - 17 January 2000)

14th January 2011

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ION RATIU, the elected leader of the World Union of Free Romanians, based in London, was the most outspoken and consistent voice of opposition to Nicolae Ceausescu. Journalist, broadcaster and author, he was also a successful businessman in shipping and property, while simultaneously assisting in the rescue and support of many who fled Ceausescu's dictatorship.

We believe his legacy and his spirit still live and flourish through the activities of the Ratiu Foundation and the numerous projects supported by it. That is why we feel that the best way to pay our respects to him is to celebrate his life's work rather than to simply commemorate his death, important though that is. The majority of the images in this gallery charting Ion Ratiu's life have never been published before. They are part of the Ratiu Archives and of the Ratiu family's personal collections.