Matei Visniec @ Rouge 28

8th August 2005

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8-14 August 2005 THE STORY OF THE PANDA BEARS TOLD BY A SAXOPHONIST WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND IN FRANKFURT by Matei Visniec Presented by Rouge28 Theatre Directed by P. Piris and performed by G. Cottalorda and A. Hypki A flat, a bottle of fine wine, some cigarettes, 2 people in a bed and nine nights to meet each other. She can open any door, hear through walls and speak without words. He lives through music. Their story is like no other: witness it and you will be transported… The Story of the Panda Bears… is set on the border between intimacy and isolation, waking and dreaming, light and dark. Rouge28 Theatre presents contemporary European theatre in the UK, developing new forms of scenic language through experimentation. The company is made up of an international ensemble of performers, puppeteers and directors from France, Poland, USA and the UK. Members' previous performances include No Exit by JP Sartre, Old Clown Wanted by M.Visniec and Deatwatch by J.Genet. In May 2005 the company presented an adaptation of B.Vian's novel The Heartsnatcher in a show involving puppets and actors. Poet, journalist, playwright, philosopher and dreamer, Matei Visniec's work has been performed in over 20 countries. He is the most performed Romanian playwright. A lover of surrealism and of the theatre of the absurd, in The Story of the Panda Bears… he excels at titillating our imagination, shaking our logic and provoking our consciousness. Supported by the Ratiu Foundation UK and The Romanian Cultural Centre. The Ratiu Foundation UK promotes and supports projects which further education and research in the culture and history of Romania and its people. The Romanian Cultural Centre in London promotes Romanian cultural programs, maintains connections within the Romanian community in Britain and facilitates cultural exchanges between Britain and Romania. 8-14 August at 14.45 (60mins)Greyfriars Kirk House, Studio 2, 86 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2QA Tickets £5.00, concs. £4.00 Venue box office: 08452 26 27 21 Venue Website: